miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2007


Algunos de mis subrayados (porque me encanta subrayar los libros. Y con birome) en el libro Birds of America, de Lorrie Moore:

"When Abby was a child, her mother had always repelled her a bit -the oily smell of her hair, her belly button like a worm curled in a pit, the sanitary napkins in the bathroom wastebasket, horrid as a war..." (Which is more than I can say say about some people, p.36)

"It was good to see that even in a town like this, people could love one another" (Community Life, p.68)

"This lunge at moral fastidiousness was something she´d noticed a lot in the people around here. They were not good people. They were not kind. They played around and lied to their spouses. But they recycled their newspapers!" (Community Life, p.73)

"She knows she looks ridiculous -like one of these animals made out of twisted party balloons". (People like that are the only people here, p. 214)

"Baby and chemo, she thinks: they should never even appear in the same sentence together" (People like...p.216)

"After this, there is no more life. There is something else, something stumbling and unlivable, something mechanical, something for robots, but not life" (People like...p. 216)

"To take the surprises out is to take the life out of life" (People like...p.221)

"She felt like one of the workers taking over the Winter Palace" (Terrific mother, 255)

"She could avoid hearing words likd Heideggerian and ideological at breakfast; it always felt too early in the morning for those words" (Terrific mother, p. 259)

"But it felt new to do this, to lead the body to this, the body with its dog´s obedience, its dog´s desire to please" (Terrific mother, p.270)

"A shadow fell across her, inside her, and she could feel herself retreat to that place in her bones where death was.." (Terrific...p. 284)

"Adrianne took his hand, feeling a grateful, marital love -alone, in Italy, at night, in May." (Terrific..., p. 287)

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